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We provide high standard professional assistance between businesses and the HMRC R&D Department for the duration of complex programmes and projects. To date, HMRC has enabled over £2bn in 2018 in R&D tax credits allowing companies to grow and achieve their goals.

Our team includes R&D technical specialists, R&D Consultants and all the necessary administration to secure R&D claims so your company can move forward in growth and success. We work with your finance teams and qualified accountants to capture qualifying expenditures that the UK government will recognise as a legitimate R&D project worthy of tax relief.


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R&D tax credits

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Research and development (R&D) tax credits are a UK government tax relief that rewards companies who invest in innovation. Companies that develop new products, processes, or services, or enhance pre-existing ones are eligible for a cash payment and/or a Corporation Tax reduction. R&D Tax Credits can either complement or act as an alternative to innovation grants and are accessible to companies of all sizes and sectors

There are nearly 4.8 million companies in the UK. According to HMRC, Research and Development Tax Credits Statistics show less than 1% claims have been made by companies between 2000 – 2016.


£2.4 Billion

Claimed in 2018

£54k avg claim

Claim per client

Up to 33p for every £1

Spent by SMEs


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