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Our Services

Empowering businesses growth & innovation

We provide high standard professional assistance between businesses and the HMRC R&D Department for the duration of complex programmes and projects. To date, HMRC has enabled over £2bn in 2018 in R&D tax credits allowing companies to grow and achieve their goals.

Our team includes R&D technical specialists, R&D Consultants and all the necessary administration to secure R&D claims so your company can move forward in growth and success. We work with your finance teams and qualified accountants to capture qualifying expenditures that the UK government will recognise as a legitimate R&D project worthy of tax relief.

dedicated case management

Dedicated case management

no upfront fees

No upfront fees

end to end service

End to end services


Our process


Free assessment

Before making any sort of commitment, we offer free assessments to any companies who are unsure about their eligibility or qualifying R&D expenditure. This entails a telephone or video conversation where we get to know a bit about what your company does and the kind of costs you can get money back on if you were to make a claim.

For anyone who has not previously made a claim, we can explain the relief in more detail with information relevant to you.

For companies who have claimed before, we can use this assessment to explore whether the claims you have made in the past have been fully maximised and all your qualifying expenditure has been identified.

If your company is not quite yet ready to make a claim, whether it is because you are in the early stages or have not yet spent any money on R&D, you can still get in contact with us to talk through the process and receive direction on the best way to spend your money to maximise your claim from HMRC when you do make a claim in the future.


Writing your report

At this stage, if you decide that you are happy to go ahead and make a claim with us, we move onto writing a report/narrative for your company. This includes articulating the R&D activities in your company's projects, the advance that was sought, and identifying and justifying all qualifying costs.


Filing the report with HMRC

Once the report is complete, we file the claim on your behalf. This means that all liability and responsibility for the contents of that report belong to us, reducing risk to you. We also have a £1m PI Insurance in place, for added security.


Dealing with HMRC enquiries

Rarely, HMRC may decide to make enquiries about the reports that are filed. These can be as minor as clarifications or as serious as full investigations for misclaiming. In any case, these will all be directed to us. On the rare occasion they do come up, we have the professional experience to resolve these.


Receiving your tax rebate

Once a claim has been processed and approved, you will receive your benefit from HMRC.


After services

We are able to maximise claims because we have a fully comprehensive understanding and extensive experience of R&D tax credit legislation. Even after your claim is finished, we can continue to support you by providing guidance that will help map out the optimum way to spend and record your money in future R&D projects, in such a way that your future claims will allow you to account for all costs and optimise your claim value.

For example, instead of putting any travel expenses for the employees involved in your R&D project under company expenses, including it as part of the employee expenses allows you to claim for those also under the legislation.

Our process

The perks


Our process only requires an average of 3.5 hours of your time, so you can carry on running your business while we handle the claim.

6 year security

For every report we write for your claim, we retain ownership and are solely liable. This means that we are responsible to deal with any HMRC enquiries, reducing the risk to you for

the next six years

Experts at your


As your specialists, we will continuously support you with in-depth and up-to-date knowledge on the R&D tax legislation - you can consider us as your

external R&D tax team.


The fine print, in bold

Our fees

We work on a contingency basis, meaning a fee is applicable only at the end of our service once you realise a benefit from HMRC. In the (unlikely) event a claim is unsuccessful, no fee would be payable.

We do not charge admin fees, filing fees or termination of contract fees. There are no hidden costs, and an invoice is raised only after you receive a benefit.

The fee is computed as a percentage of your benefit value, at the industry average of 25%. However, our pricing is dynamic and can change from case to case in particular circumstances.

We advise getting in contact to discuss this. We are committed to providing competitive pricing for our clients.

You are also subject to VAT charges.


When you decide to work with us, like many R&D specialist companies, we provide a contract to sign us on for five financial years, two previous and three moving forward.

If in any circumstances the duration is inconvenient for you, please get in contact with us to discuss this and reach an arrangement that is beneficial for you. 


Our mission

Empowering businesses growth and innovation

Novus Tax was started to support companies who spend money towards innovation. Businesses work hard daily to look for solutions, and every solution, through research and development, stimulates the UK economy for a better today and tomorrow.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the schemes that more than 90% of eligible SMEs are missing out on. Whilst the number of cases are steadily rising, it is not enough as companies are either unaware of their eligibility or simply don't know how to claim. 

We want to break away from the misconception that R&D is constituted by 'cutting-edge'. 'white coat' and 'revolutionary advancement', and instead tell it how it really is - the little everyday attempts at improving products, processes and services.

Our curious investigative nature when it comes to looking at your company has accounted to a combined professional experience of over 10 years winning and maximising R&D claims across a number of industries, so we can empower businesses' growth and innovation. 

Our mission

Our reviews

novus tax referrals

Extremely helpful, Novus Tax took care of the whole process from initial discussions through to receiving funds. I would highly recommend looking into how your business might qualify for R&D and if you do go with Novus Tax.

Al Brenninkmeijer

novus tax referrals

I was previously working with another R&D tax consulting company who for two years were convinced that there was no R&D tax claim to be made. When Novus Tax got in touch, they were able to identify qualifying expenditure that was missed. A very amiable and yet efficient company. They produced the claim to HMRC which gave me a significant R&D tax rebate. I would recommend having a conversation with Novus to ensure any ongoing or future claims include all qualifying expenses to receive the best rebate.

Peter Puttock

  • I've read up on R&D tax credits and I don't think I'm eligible.
    Our advice to you is: speak to a specialist just to be sure. Here's why. There are many easy and quick ways to find out, like dropping our MD a message on LinkedIn.
  • My accountant offers this, why should I use your services?"
    Nearly all accountants can file R&D tax claims. There are a few things about our services that gives you more value: our experience and subjective viewpoint when articulating R&D narrative to qualify and justify your costs our expertise and up-to-date knowledge on R&D tax legislation our streamlined and simple process to save you time and effort our £1m PI Insurance and assurance to offer six years of security after your claim is filed to give you peace of mind the ability to offer support and guidance for future R&D project spend to maximise your upcoming claims You should use our services if you feel that your company will benefit more from them, in comparison to what your accountant provides.
  • What if my project was funded by a Grant or subsidised by a client?
    Congratulation, we're happy to hear you were able to access funds. Good news, in most cases you can still make an R&D tax claim. If you'd like to learn more, you can click here or get in touch with us to discuss the specifics of your company's eligibility.
  • I am a loss-making start-up – can I make a claim?
    Under the R&D Tax credit legislation, it is still possible to make a claim even if you are loss making and not paying corporation tax. In such cases, you can receive a cash rebate or carry forward losses to be used against future profits. Whether you are profitable or loss making the process is the same. At the end of the process, we will make recommendations whether taking a cash rebate and/or tax saving / carry forward losses will be most beneficial. And guess what? You can generally claim higher returns as a loss-making company.
  • I am part of a group / UK company with an overseas parent company – is my company allowed to make a claim?
    If your limited company is a Tax Paying Entity in the UK, you can still claim. If your work relates to other companies within your group, it may still be possible to make a claim.
  • Our project was completed a while ago, can I still claim?"
    HMRC will allow any company to make a claim for the last two financial year ends. We can go back as far as 2 years from your current year.
  • How do I choose between different R&D specialists?
    Making the right choice for your company is important. We recommend you decide based on a few different criteria: The exact service you need: depending on your experience with R&D tax credits and how well you have kept records of all your costs, the type of services you may require will be different. We recommend for first time claims to be made with R&D tax specialists who offer an end-to-end service, where you can familiarise yourself with the process and legislation relevant to you. For people who have made claims in the past, you may only require particular services, in which case you should seek R&D tax specialists which will offer you exactly what you need, whether it's a software platform, or signing off on reports. How much time you would like to spend: how involved you are in the process will determine how much time you will need to spend. How much you are willing to pay for the service: different R&D specialists will have different fees depending on the service that they provide. If you'd like a more detailed guide on how to choose the right R&D tax specialist for you, we recommend reading up on pricing structures and questions you should ask any R&D tax specialist before you choose to work with them.
  • Why is your pricing at 25%?
    The first thing we ask is 'what is the service that you want?' We're not shy to say you might be quoted cheaper by other R&D tax specialists or accountants, and we encourage you to explore your options before making the best decision for your company. Our pricing is inclusive of all the services that we offer, and you'll find in light of this we offer competitive rates. We don't cut corners, and we use our experience and expertise to ensure you end up with the best rebate you can get. Our six-year security resonates well with our clients. Let's give you an example. We recently engaged a client whose accountant had identified their qualifying R&D expenditure and estimated a £101,000 claim value. The accountant's fee was 12%. When we carried out a free assessment, we had found that the client was entitled, in fact, to a £172,000 benefit. Our fees are 25%. In this scenario, although the client paid us more, they still received a higher rebate overall. You can read more about pricing in the industry here.
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